Golden Mask 4WD SPP

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Golden Mask 4WD SPP

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Golden Mask 4WD Spider Pro Pack is a value pack with 4WD metal detector and 3 search coils that will cover all the needs of a professional prospector or a metal detecting enthusiast. The set includes three Spider search coils: a 5 inch Spider for tiny targets as tiny coins and gold nuggets, a 9 inch Spider for coin shooting and medium-sized targets and a 12 inch Spider for deep search of large coins, relics and hoards.

Included in This Kit:
Golden Mask 4WD detector; 5, 9 and 12 inch Spider search coil + coil protectors (except 5"); Rechargeable NiMH batteries; Wireless Headphones and Smart charger
Télécharger Mode d'emploi: GM_4en.pdf
Availability: Discontinued Discontinued
Stock Note: The SPP set will not be offered anymore! You can still purchase the 4WD.
Shaft: S-type (+0 €) |WS Headphones: WS105 (+0 €) |Coil: Spider Pro Pack (+0 €)
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Wireless Headphones:

Protège-disque GRATUIT pour tout les disques sauf 5" and 12.5x15"

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Golden Mask 4WD SPP Technical Specifications
Golden Mask
8 and 18 kHz
Compensation Effet de Sol:
Mode de Recherche:
motion, two-tone, one tone with discrimination
Commandes de Contrôle:
sensitivity, frequency, discrimination, threshold, ground balance, sound
Disque de Recherche:
Double D
Poids (batteries inclues):
1.4 kg with 9" Spider search coil
10 AA standard NiMH rechargeable batteries, user replaceable
Autonomie de la Batterie:
10-20 hours
Casque sans Fil:
Yes, Included
Prise Casque:
6.35 mm - 1/4"
Dedicated LI-Ion Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug
5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries